Re: Found you, Henry . . .

Michael Bauser (
Wed, 18 Jan 95 15:24:22 EST

Fact-checking time, again. Just geography, though.

In article <> (Gil Hardwick) writes:

> -----> Henry W Collier MA MBA *Mich State*, BBA, CPA, CMA
>Well well now, isn't that interesting? Another goddamn Amurkun right
>here Down Under. Master of Arts. And lookie here, Master of Business
>Administration into the bargain. Michigan State University.
>Detroit Michigan, is it? Right there on the other end of Lake Erie
>from . . . ah, guess what? You got it, eh! Buffalo. Which is smack dab
>right across from Toronto. Fancy all that!

Actually, Gil, Michigan State is located in East Lansing, Michigan, which
is as about far "inland" as someplace in Michigan can be. The state
government placed Lansing (the state capital) in the middle of the lower
peninsula for defensive reasons--invading armies have to march farther
to get to it.

Your placement of Toronto isn't much better. Don't they have atlases
where you live, Gil?

And while we're at it, I grew up on the Michigan end of Lake Erie,
and went to school at the Ohio end, and cannot recall encountering
any Erie-wide cabals or conspiracies.

Better luck next time. Fnord.

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