Found you, Henry . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 08:50:59 GMT

I have managed to locate you, Henry W. Collier of the University of

Faculty of Commerce

Department of Accountancy

Ah, here we are . . .

Senior Lecturers

-----> Henry W Collier MA MBA *Mich State*, BBA, CPA, CMA

Well well now, isn't that interesting? Another goddamn Amurkun right
here Down Under. Master of Arts. And lookie here, Master of Business
Administration into the bargain. Michigan State University.

Detroit Michigan, is it? Right there on the other end of Lake Erie
from . . . ah, guess what? You got it, eh! Buffalo. Which is smack dab
right across from Toronto. Fancy all that!

All the Wannabe Ivy League crowd, is that right Henry?

So just what would an MBA from Detroit Michigan want lurking there on
sci.anthropology, attempting surreptitiously (adj. done or obtained
stealthily, esp. dishonestly) to have an anthropologist denied access
to an international forum of his own colleagues?

OK. No worries at all, Henry old boy. We'll just keep an eye on our
flanks from this end now, eh?

Thanks fellas for the information . . .