More on The Ivy League

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 12:21:36 GMT

Just for everyone's information, and to let you know where I myself
am coming from, over the past several years there have been repeated
material and legal threats made against me personally and to destroy
my professional career, and repeated surreptitious actions to have me
removed from the Internet.

The local problems involved with getting the Internet established here
in Western Australia which I have already related are one thing.

But in the mail this afternoon some very interesting documents arrived
with another batch of new information sent to me via my own network, on
individuals now known to have been actively involved in making these

One whose e-mail address is shown as the University of Wollongong in
NSW, is in fact Henry W. Collier, an American MBA lecturing there, but
originally from Michigan State University.

Dr David Rindos is an American evolutionary theorist who completed his
PhD at Cornell University, the New York State Land Grant University.

His friend who led the original international smear campaign against
the University of Western Australia over that so-called sex scandal
said to involve local, Australian academics, which led to Dr Rindos'
application for tenure being rejected (he was not "sacked" at all),
is one Hugh Jarvis from the New York State University at Buffalo.

This was preceeded I must add by a similarly contrived sex scandal at
the University of Adelaide in South Australia in 1988, which resulted
in the disbanding of their Anthropology Department. Where here it was
the Archaeology Department disbanded and staff who were absorbed into

Further, behind all these more recent events there has been a long
legal battle involving myself and a Queensland colleague to collect
unpaid royalty payments according to a written and notarised contract
due to us since 1988, from one Kent L. Aldershof, a Harvard MBA and
corporate strategist from Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Nobody else originating anywhere else in the world is known now to
have been involved with any of this particular business whatsoever,
beyond an expression of eastern states sympathy for Dr Rindos having
lodged his claim against me for "defaming" him for being gay, during
the actual court case. Set up to cover-up far more serious matters,
and to win sympathy from local gay activists and their lawyers in
putting together the legal technicalities which enabled him to "win"
the case; ie, to have the judgmenet made against me in my absence.

Without becoming any more paranoid about all this than necessary, it
is not difficult at all to see the pattern of behaviour surrounding
these wealthy American Ivy League and associated Universities in the
north eastern part of the United States; their ability to get away
with stealing intellectual properties arising from basic research
carried out in other countries; their power to enter Universities and
discredit academics anywhere else in the world; and their continuing
ability to interfere with and disrupt our lives from away around the
other side of the planet, now also via this here Internet thingy.

Without any of us being able to do anything about it at all, except
yell blue murder in public every time they try pulling another stunt.

I know I have had some witty mail from friends about my conspiracy
theories, but documented facts are that's what is actually going on.