These past few days . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 13:45:48 GMT

It's late at night now, and I have been sitting here with some good
beer meditating upon the events of these past few days. Quite a long
time ago now, over a year ago during that bad shit over the Aquatic Ape
Theory (sorry Philip, you're quite a nice guy though brainwashed like
the rest of them), somebody else entirely, one of the foot soldiers
from the Max Planck Institute, expressed their alarm at my rejection
of the materialist ideology.

See, I can't even remember the name. Shows how important he is.

Fact is that its so bloody vulgar and unnecessry, that's all. There is
plenty for everyone. An abundance, without having to squeal and shove
to get our snout in the trough at all.

But that's not the end of it either. You see, we here out here aren't
at all wealthy, or prestigious, or even famous, or any of that sort of
crap. We are just ordinary, common or garden variety folks who happen
to be just a tad bright, if you know what I mean.

Thing is, we just happen to be too intelligent to swallow any of your
garbage without wanting to have a good look at it first. Of course

We out here are the salt of the earth, your nemesis. We are not of the
Illuminati, we are merely bright. It is not your light that shines
upon the earth but OURS, once we decide that it ought not to be hid
under a bushell.

Vote who you want into your stupid Congress. Play your numbers games
to the end of the earth of you want. Do your darndest to hurt us and
try to destroy us.

But you will never achieve your object because we are legion on the
face of the earth, and you are ALWAYS going to have to contend with
even only the one or two of us in any one generation who manage to
transcend fear and simply don't care any more what you want to dish

Shoot me too. It doesn't matter because right there behind me is the
next one. And the next one after that, and so on into eternity.

Stick that up your arse, fuckers.

Take hope everyone else.