Re: Taste of Human Flesh

Bruce Ediger (
3 Jan 1995 17:14:06 GMT (Elisabeth Higgins) wrote:
:after Alferd Packer. They even have a really grotesque diorama at the
:Forney Transportation Museum. It has him sitting at a campfire, and
:there are guts and stuff all over. There's even a spinal cord or
:something hanging on a tree next to him.

Ms Higgins is correct: the Forney Transportation Museum should be on any
Denver visitor's list of sites to see. Not only do they have a cheesy
department store mannequin Alferd Packer diorama, they have hundreds of
really weird one-off cars: a 1905 "Rambler" whith *square* pistons!
Heinrich Himmler's Staff Car! A 1955 Martin AirCar! A bicycle built
for 4! The worlds largest collection of "KisselKars"! And it's only
$4 US for an adult! The ticket taker has a withered arm!