Re: Taste of Human Flesh

David DeLaney (
3 Jan 1995 08:17:59 GMT (Michael K Lerch) writes:
|Owen Lynn ( wrote:
|: Isn't there some university cafeteria out west somewhere that they
|: named after some pioneer cannibal who ate his friends to make it over
|: the Rocky Mountains?
|: Somewhere in Colorado, I think? Or was it Idaho?
|Wouldn't surprise me a bit, but I don't know of it. How about: Donner
|Cafe, in Truckee...

Not quite - that's named after the whole party of people (the "Donner party"
- apparently they worshipped reindeer or something), while the cannibal-in-
question was named Alferd Packer (no, I didn't misspell it, I misspelled

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