Re: Taste of Human Flesh

Chris Amies (
Tue, 03 Jan 1995 18:28:15 GMT

In article <>, Bob Daniel ( writes:

>Check out "Conversations with the Cannibals - The End of the Old South
>Pacific" by Michael Krieger. On page 74 of the hard back:
>There was apparently much skepticism about ritual cannibalism ever
>existing by some scientists in the '70s. The accounts described by this
>author effectively challenges the skeptics.
>Check the book out if even mildy curious about cannibalism.

Is this book currently in print? I'd be interested, as my current
project involves a lot of research into the Pacific cultures. In
_Fatu-Hiva_, Thor Heyerdahl describes meeting the last living
ex-cannibal in the Marquesas Islands. He doesn't however tell us
anything about the taste. I remember in _Exploration Fawcett_
(though how much of that book is now discredited I don't know. I
read it _years_ ago) a comment about the taste of human flesh being
"something like monkey meat"; not much help if you've never eaten
monkey meat.