Re: Taste of Human Flesh

Elisabeth Higgins (
3 Jan 1995 04:49:42 GMT

In <> (Owen
Lynn) writes:

>Isn't there some university cafeteria out west somewhere that they
>named after some pioneer cannibal who ate his friends to make it over
>the Rocky Mountains?
>Somewhere in Colorado, I think? Or was it Idaho?

It's at CU in Boulder. The Alferd Packer Memorial Cafeteria or
something. Of course, half of the cafeteria things in Colorado are named
after Alferd Packer. They even have a really grotesque diorama at the
Forney Transportation Museum. It has him sitting at a campfire, and
there are guts and stuff all over. There's even a spinal cord or
something hanging on a tree next to him.


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