Re: Witchcraft and Wicca
Sun, 26 Feb 95 22:09:28 PDT

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> the word "wicca" does NOT mean witchcraft! It comes from an old germanic
> word meaning "the way(path)."
What is your source on this? I'd love to know. In the Webster's Unabridged
Dictionary it says under witch that the root is Wicce, Old English. And from
what I've found the old germanic root is Weik, which, I thought, was to bend or
> If you want to find out about ancient witchcraft and deities, the best
> place to start would probably be old mythology. You know, Homer, Hesiod,
> Sophocles, Cicero, Virgil, the Greater and Lesser Eddas (norse)...
> good luck and blessed be.

Thank you, I have tried reading a lot of old mythology, but I'm looking for
something more solid. Real Witches (the ones who are not Satanic, as the
Christians so gladly portrayed them as) survived up to the times of Gerald
Gardner. I'm trying to find reference to them, if any. I know this is hard
considering there were strict laws against Witchcraft, however I know there has
got to be something.

Blessed Be,
(It's amazing where you'll run into Wiccans!)