Witchcraft and Wicca

Kristi Weyland (nitrous@ccnet.com)
Sun, 26 Feb 95 20:06:24 PDT

I'm studying the roots of the religion Wicca, many claiming that there are no
ancient roots. First question is: does anyone know what context the word wicca
and wicce were used? I know the root of it is Old English to mean a witch. But
was it ever used to name a specific religion or group?
Second question is: Any books on ancient Witchcraft? I have Murray's The
Witch-Cult in Western Europe and Montague Summer's works. And some other stuff
that is very biased, being written by Christians. I'm looking for older books
(pre 1940) that are not so biased. Murray's book is great, however many people
discredit her. Is there anything written explaining why?
Much thanks!