Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

David Horne (
22 Feb 1995 16:37:10 GMT

Jan-Peter de Ruiter ( wrote:
: Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:

: : See page 134 of _The Bell Curve_. At 2 Standard Deviations below average,
: : there is a 26% probability of being in poverty. At 2 Standard Deviations
: : above average, there is only a 2% probability of being in poverty.

: : Accept the obvious. Less intelligent people make less money than smart
: : people.

: Obvious? I think it is dead obvious that poor people score lower on
: IQ tests than rich people. You need big money to go to school and
: learn to score high on IQ tests!

This idiot obviously doesn't know what an IQ test is. An IQ test carried
out on a 13 year old will get a score which will remain roughly constant
for most of that individual's life. What's your next defense? The
'culture' thing? Why don't you read the book? The introduction alone will
give you more info. about IQ tests than you currently appear to posess.

David Horne