Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

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Sun, 26 Feb 1995 14:52:51 GMT

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>David Horne ( wrote:
>: Jan-Peter de Ruiter ( wrote:
>: : Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
>: : : See page 134 of _The Bell Curve_. At 2 Standard Deviations below average,
>: : : there is a 26% probability of being in poverty. At 2 Standard Deviations
>: : : above average, there is only a 2% probability of being in poverty.
>: : : Accept the obvious. Less intelligent people make less money than smart
>: : : people.
>: : Obvious? I think it is dead obvious that poor people score lower on
>: : IQ tests than rich people. You need big money to go to school and
>: : learn to score high on IQ tests!
>: This idiot obviously doesn't know what an IQ test is. An IQ test carried
>: out on a 13 year old will get a score which will remain roughly constant
>: for most of that individual's life. What's your next defense? The
>: 'culture' thing? Why don't you read the book? The introduction alone will
>: give you more info. about IQ tests than you currently appear to posess.
>: David Horne
>"idiot" is pretty strong language, don't you think? Someone growing up
>in a poverty/crime stricken neighborhood will be adversely affected by
>that environment and that will be, I believe, reflected on his/her IQ
>test. A "wealthier" 13 year old will have had a better education and
>better test taking skills than his disadvantaged peer and this, too, will
>show up on his/her test score.
>Just my 0.02

Please read the appendices of TBC. There you will find a correlation
of 0.55 reported between parental SES and AFQT scores (which were used
to construct IQ scores) in the NLSY sample.

-arun gupta