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[Snip. Oh I'm so glad there's pico!]

: Humm. I think you are about to become KILL file fodder if you don't start
: producing statements that have merit.

"Please don't throw me into that briar patch!"

: >: >[more snippin']
[And then more!]

: >SO? Is that why I was "stupider" at 31 than at 13, IQ-wise? Yes, I know
: >that. You don't have a point until you prove that IQ tests MEAN anything!!!

: I have no idea why you became more "stupider" at 31 than at 13. I don't
: care to speculate about it, either, because you are not the subject of
: this thread. Perhaps you would like to start a new thread about why you
: became stupider.

Perhaps YOU'D like to start a new thread on evading the issue. We WERE
discussing the "validity" of IQ scores, weren't we? My point was, to
quote my favorite author, "_you_ don't have a point until you prove that
MEAN anything!!" (Remphasis mine.)

: >Another quote: "We got to kill the white people, we got to make 'em hurt"
: >(Eddie Murphy, Saturday Night Live, sometime in the mid-'80s)

: Ah! I see, you want to commit genocide against European Americans. Now you
: discredit yourself. I think the term you used was NAZI. Yes, this shows
: you have more in common with the Nazis then the people you call Nazi.

Oh BROTHER. Are you HUMOR-impaired too?

: >: Ah, Mensa. Yes. I've known many of very intelligent people who ended up
: >: flipping burgers because things came to easy for them, and they never
: >: learned to work. They were quite sucessful at finding women with "nice
: >: boobs", however.
: >
: >Once again, your point is...what? That it's better to have a LOW IQ?

: No, that there is a correlation between success and IQ, but that IQ does
: not guarantee success. There are a number of environmental influences. My
: own personal experience leads me to believe that for some people, things
: come to easy for them, and they never learn to deal with frustration and
: having to work until they get to grad school.

I might point out that, at least in white-majority countries, most baby-
rapers are relatively fair-skinned. Could this be because they're somehow
genetically unable to relate ethics to libido, or is it that they just
haven't been taught any better? And what (short of "ethnic cleansing")
should we DO about this major social problem?

: But, then I haven't had a great deal of success at looking for women with
: "nice boobs", and apparently you have. Somehow, breast size was never an
: important issue with me. I look for character and friendship.

Hey d00d, ya gettin' any? Character and friendship, I mean! (A JOKE,
sir, a JOKE.)

: >: >Now, will the NEXT nazi goliath come front-&-center? My SO is busy tonight.
: >
: >: This is a troll, right? If your argument is to call people a nazi, then they
: >: can refute your "argument" by calling you a name?
: >
: >Nope. It's my actually opinion. I call 'em as I see 'em, bub.
: >
: >: Nah, I don't want to lower myself to your level.
: >
: >How WHITE of you!

: Nah. There's a newsgroup for name calling. alt.flame. This is not that
: newsgroup.

I'm not sure if there's a group called alt.rightwing.moron, but if we
hold that people should be separated based on their "genetic" traits
then there probably should be. (But would we refrain from pissing in
your nazi-only water fountains?)