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6 Feb 1995 19:21:55 GMT

In article <> (Stephen Lajoie)

> >You do as well, with your statement that those in the "pale-Gentile
> >bunch" are objective because they don't have any vested interests, but
> >those that aren't can't be because they do.
> Again, out of context. Why are the pale gentiles trying to put the
> on top of things? Maybe because they know that it doesn't matter!
Or maybe just to show how "objective" they are..
That allows people who are disposed to thinking along the same lines as
them can post onto the net claiming how objective the whole thing was.
This is how it was used in our local newspaper.

I saw in big headlines "Asians may be smarter than whites!". It turned out
to be excerpts from the TBC. I read it and it used about two lines to say
while the average white IQ = 100 the average asian may be as high as 103
or 105.

While this is hardly anything to get excited about, it shows their
"objectivity". From the headline, you would think that the article was
going to elaborate on whites and Asians. But no, that was just for the
facade of objectivity.

After mentioning the tiny difference in intelligence test scores, the
article went on to say of course us whites don't mind that. you know,
being fair and all that. Then just about 3 or 4 sentences into the
article it went on to complain about not being able to say blacks are less
intelligent that whites without being labeled racists..

The rest of the long article then went on to denigrate blacks and say how
the average black was just above retarded.(IQ = 85 or 15 points below

Now they have the appearance of objectivity while denigrating one group of
people, and using another just to prove their objectivity.

There are no powerful Asian sex symbols in this country that white women
swoon over, no powerful Asian athletes, no powerful Asian political
leaders, no loud Asians like Rush Limbaugh or Louis Farrikan. No one fears
the Asian man's sexual prowess and strength or worries about their
daughter getting screwing by one. No one fears getting mugged by young
Asians (Unless you live close to Asian gangs, which for some reason nobody
thinks of). Asians seem to know their place. While all this may be
nonsense, (Asian men might screw your daughter just as quick as an African
American man) that's the perception.

I guess you couldn't use a better group for evidence of objectivity than
one that the populace sees as docile. Especially since the difference you
"found" is insignificant.

In Jerry Pornells right wing group on BIX, about four years ago I heard
them say that it is OK if the average Asian is smarter that the average
white, because intelligent whites are still more intelligent than
intelligent Asians. Besides that, everyone "knows" Asians can't do
anything but copy others. (If you say you haven't heard that before, your
lying your ass off)

All in all, Asian Americans don't represent a threat to white American
males. (At least in the WAM's minds) And besides that you can screw Asian

Murray once used the fact that he liked to fuck asian prostitutes when he
was younger, as evidence against charges or (I forget if it was woman
hating or racism)..Wild!!


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