Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

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Wed, 15 Feb 1995 20:54:27 GMT

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>| Right now we make affirmative action policies applied to individuals
>| based on the assumption that all races have equal distributions of
>| intelligence. If we are going to make policy, we should at least have the
>| facts straight.
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>No, affirmative action policies do not make the assumption
>that all races have equal distributions of intelligence.
>The assumption made is that people, as categorized by
>social "race", are likely to be about equally qualified for
>the jobs to which affirmative action is applied.

Given all other things being equal, an more intelligent person will
require less time training than an less intelligent person. The
assumption IS that all races have the same intelligence; as any employer
would rather have a more intelligent person all other qualifications
being equal.

> Very, very
>few jobs stretch anyone's intelligence to its limit; hence,
>intellectual capacity is only one of many factors in job

When the federal government audits military contractors and finds that
"blacks" are underrepresented in the engineering ranks, they accuse that
military contractor of racial bias. The Contractor then points to the low
availability of black graduates from the colleges. The colleges, then, are
assumed to have racist policies and bigoted practices. Having taught some
engineering classes, I know that the polices of most colleges is exactly
the opposite. Blacks are given an advantage.

>I hope all you "IQ" fans notice that, once again,
>"intelligence" is being equated with "general (economic)

The correlation between poverty and low intelligence has been proven.

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