Re: Effectual Demonstration at Rutgers (fwd)

Mark G. (
11 Feb 1995 11:25:26 -0500

Juan Noyles ( wrote:
: I know most of you will probably say this is off topic, but I'm hoping
: that some students at Rutgers will read at *least* one of these
: newsgroups and consider the ideas...

: From: David Guerrero <>
: Newgroups: soc.culture.african.american

: wrote:
: : If you really want to get rid of this guy, consider this:

: : how do you think the board of trustees of Rutgers would react if it
: : found out that all of the students protesting the president's remarks
: : were planning to transfer to another school, and indeed were demanding
: : a refund for this semester?

: One idea,
: Check out as many books as you can from the school's
: main library as you can. I don't mean as many as can fit in your school
: bag, I mean bring the cars, vans, whatever you can haul the
: books off with.
: You will force everyone, I mean all the students,
: especially if it is during midterms to stop and face this issue.

: When the Prez is gone the books come back!

Sure. Hold a school hostage. That's what the whole civil-rights movement
is about. Some people. ;-)