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: You offer no proof, no argument, just your personal opinion. And you call
: that an argument? You feel that we should accept this as rebuttal to a
: 800 page book and years of statistical data?

YES, I DO. Any given 800 page book using years of statistical data only
proves that, besides the benefits of money & influence, the authors went
to a lot of trouble to produce inferior toilet paper. Hitler, I might
add, also wrote a book.

: What is amusing, it that you feel good about this.

Actually I don't. I'd rather use Scot Tissue--it's got 1,000 sheets per
roll and it's only 69 cents.

: >[more snippin']
: >
: >THEN you said:
: >: This is a standard argument:
: >: IQ doesn't exist!
: >: But if it did, I'd be smarter than you!
: >
: >My response: HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, but if you mean to debate me you'd
: >better dust off your thinking cap first.

: Not a very good rebuttal. You are proud of that?

Hey buddy, it's not like we're discussing anything IMPORTANT here!

: >I SAID (implicitly in my
: >first post on this subject, explicitly a few lines ago) that IQ _does_
: >measure _something_, but that correlating that "something" with skin
: >color is really one helluva stretch. And quite ILLOGICAL to boot.

: The correlation has been statistically proven. The argument centers now
: on it's source being genetic or environmental. I believe the opposition's
: position is that it is attributed to physical, cultural, and racial
: prejudice.

Cf. my previous quote (which could be by Mark Twain) on "statistics."

: >: BTW, how many times do you have to take an IQ test before you can use
: >: words like "consistently" when referring to your scores. For someone
: >: who has no faith in IQ you seem quite committed to it.
: >
: >Hmm...I'm 32 and started taking those damn things in 2nd grade. And
: >when I found I did well--and that all these adults around me made such
: >a fuss about how well I did!--I took them every chance I could get.
: >I dimly recall being around 10 and taKing four _different_ IQ tests in
: >a WEEK, including a couple specifically designed to _exclude_ "honky"
: >cultural influences.

: You do realize, of course, that the IQ test they give to kids is a test
: that is normed around mental age, and those given to adults is one a
: distribution of the entire adult population normed around a score of 100.

SO? Is that why I was "stupider" at 31 than at 13, IQ-wise? Yes, I know
that. You don't have a point until you prove that IQ tests MEAN anything!!!

: Your racial slur is a keen indicator of your attitude.

Another quote: "We got to kill the white people, we got to make 'em hurt"
(Eddie Murphy, Saturday Night Live, sometime in the mid-'80s)

: >I lack a tally of the total but I think it's been
: >a little over a dozen times; when the tests they could find to give me
: >got too repetitious I kinda lost interest--tho a year ago this week I
: >did Mensa's by-mail pre-test which resulted in my lowest score ever
: >(the 137 figure from last post). And BTW, what interested me in Mensa
: >was looking for a "SMART" young woman with pretty eyes & nice boobs,
: >but since I moved to a garden spot across the street from Johns Hopkins
: >University paying some social club to let me cruise their gatherings
: >doesn't seem as imperative.

: Ah, Mensa. Yes. I've known many of very intelligent people who ended up
: flipping burgers because things came to easy for them, and they never
: learned to work. They were quite sucessful at finding women with "nice
: boobs", however.

Once again, your point is...what? That it's better to have a LOW IQ?

: >Now, will the NEXT nazi goliath come front-&-center? My SO is busy tonight.

: This is a troll, right? If your argument is to call people a nazi, then they
: can refute your "argument" by calling you a name?

Nope. It's my actually opinion. I call 'em as I see 'em, bub.

: Nah, I don't want to lower myself to your level.

How WHITE of you!