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: > I take it this means that you realize that the concept of
: > having "One race more intelligent than another due to the
: > heritability (genetics) of intelligence" is completely
: > unscientific and therefore absurd?

: This has been refuted several times in several places.

It's unclear from this context exactly what you're
referring to when you say "this has been refuted."

: The
: race assigned to a person depends on factors which render
: the concept unusable by biologists. However, the concept
: of the "gene" is not unusable by those who choose to assign
: races to people.

The above paragraph is highly illogical. First off, who but
a biologist would be expert in this kind of genetics (or any
other for that matter)? Who are these people who use the
"concept of the gene to assign races to people?" I would posit
that noone other than someone who is active in the fields
of population biology, anthrogenetics, and physical anthropology
are qualified to render judgements on this subject.

: As an analogy, the concept of "delicious food" is hardly
: usable by chemists; however, chemistry can be used by
: those who care about delicious food.

And to elaborate on this ill-fitting analogy, when chefs
start cooking up potions that they claim will cure all
that ails you, they are called charlatans.

- Bearcat