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Tue, 14 Feb 1995 01:42:01 GMT

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>>>Ruining a basketball game, OTOH, may not be nice to the fans, but
>>>basketball is not the primary goal of an institution of higher learning.
>>But ensuring that the president of the college speaks only politically
>>correct words, even in a closed meeting is the primary goal of an
>>institution of higher learning?
>Making sure the president of a college isn't a racist seems to be a
>pretty good thing. Unfortunately, one of the only ways to know if
>someone is racist is by the words they speak. Personally, from the
>little that I do know on this case, the president probably isn't racist.
>At least, I don't think that there is enough evidence to fire him. But,
>what if there were enough evidence?

Anyone who wants to fire someone at a univerity because of an idea, an
opinion, a study, or because they mis-spoke can not say they ever had an
eduation at a University.

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