Richard Jacoby (rick@TotSysSoft)
4 Feb 1995 09:00:45 GMT

In article <> (Stephen Lajoie)

> >Oh, and I have a question: why are y'all (presumably a pale-Gentile
> >bunch) so goddamn happy about a "theory" stating that ASIANS AND
> >JEWS are your intellectual superiors? I can't really imagine a post-
> >Superbowl crowd gleefully chanting "We're Number THREE! We're Number
> >THREE!"
> It would seem that this "pale-Gentile bunch" are a bit more objective
> than others, seeking only a level playingfield, while others have a
> vested interest in special programs.

To keep going with the football analogies:
One team tied up the other, kicked them in the teeth, and refused when the
other side asked to be untied. After the score was run up 100 to 0 the
captive team wiggled free, and faced the opposition. All of a sudden the
opposition became very fair..The same ones who helped do the tieing up,
and fought to keep them tied up were saying.

"Of course we didn't support that.. we're so fair after all.. All we want
to do is to continue the game on this level field.. I can't think of
anything more fair. Can you believe the nerve of some people asking to
start out again with an equal score"

> >If you're out to prove you're (relatively?) "not too bright" please
> >consider you've done so quite conclusively. Now shut the hell up!
> >
> >DAVID, White-Nigger-At-Large
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> Again, you overlook that difference between an individual and a
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> Steve La Joie