Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

Jim0123 (
11 Feb 1995 02:17:40 -0500

FYI ....

I note that 'conservative' publications ... "National Review",
"Spectator" etc ... overwhelmingly express extremely
POSITIVE reviews of the "Bell Curve", while 'liberal'
publications take the opposite stance. Both sides of the
issue quote reasonable statistics, logic and example.

What this leads me to believe is that the ultimate truth of
"Bell" is STILL cloaked in politics. It worries me that the
'right' is SO intent on "Bell" being correct, while the 'left'
is SO intent upon it being utterly wrong. Obviously there
are underlying prejudices at work at both extremes of the
political spectrum. Perhaps truth lies somewhere in-between ?
Maybe 'blacks' are *slightly* behind the IQ curve ... however one
might measure IQ ... but not *seriously* behind ???

There is an INCREDIBLE pressure to POLARIZE issues these days.
If an issue isn't EXTREME, it just doesn't make the press. We have
seen such polarizing efforts at work on Gingrichs' orphanage
notions ... ie ALL children of poor parents WILL be taken away to
orphanages - OR - ALL children of poor parents MUST be supported
without question via State funds. Once again, the truth lies
somewhere in the middle ... but that just won't sell advertizing
time, will it ?

RESIST the urge to take a side and exclude all evidence which
may contradict the dogma of that camp. Caving in to polarization
leads to faulty thinking, faulty decisions. Haven't we had enough
faulty logic already ???


[ Language, while a product of thought, is an imprecise
mechanism for the conveyance of thought. ]