Re: origin of names: lucy?

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12 Feb 1995 14:09:19 -0500

In article <3hhjfr$6hc@stratus.CAM.ORG> vpaquin@CAM.ORG (Vincent Paquin) writes:
>Apparently, the story is true. When Johanson and his team brought back
>the fossilized bones to the main camp, the song "Lucy in the Sky with
>Diamnonds" was playing while they were contemplating the fossils. When
>they realized they had found a new species, they decided to name it
>"Lucy" after the song. Very cool story if you ask me.
I just heard Don Johanson speak last week in Atlanta, and he confirmed that
they named Lucy for the Beatles song. He also told the same story in his
Nova series on Human Origins. From the horse's mouth . . .

I think it's a pretty cool story, too.

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