Fury (
4 Feb 1995 11:31:41 GMT (Frosch) wrote:

> i don't know how you anticipate meaningful conversation when
> you arbitrarily change your definitions from one post to the next.
> as before, i am left with the impression that you post without
> thinking, and are left looking for ad hoc explanations to justify
> yourself afterwards.

Think what you like. I no longer care. Nevertheless, you are

> >Furthermore I was e-mailed a description of the
> >terms used by Australians for aborigines, and the main term
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >given was "abos", with a second, more polite term "natives".
> i am aware of derogatory terms used in australia to refer to
> aborigines. i imagine your distinction here between "australians"
> and "aborigines" would be received with about as much gratitude.
> you have in any case missed the intent of my post.

A distinction? You give me credit for more knowlege of the
society than I have. Naturally you do this so as to justify
yet another attack. How tiring. When I say that Americans
use the term "black" for a certain group, I am not drawing
a distinction between Americans and blacks. Use your brain for
once, and not your spleen. In general I've found your
interpretations dull bordering on cracked, and your insistence
on them downright idiotic.

i wrote about
> a term that australian aborigines use for _themselves_.

That's odd; I would have thought they used tribal names, as
Native Americans often do.

> whether you believe it or not, i haven't called you "a racist".

Okay, I'll accept that you think differently than I do on what
racism amounts to.

> i am saying that you are writing things which spread pre-conceived
> ideas about relations between ancestry, religion, matters of culture,
> matters of nationality and a good few other things.

It's very hard, nay, absolutely impossible to talk about anything,
let alone a religion, without spreading ideas. As to whether the
ideas are "pre-conceived", I deny that claim. The relations are
there. Of course they are not absolute; nor are they by any means

any of those
> things can be insulting and hurtful to the people you are talking
> about, regardless of how good your intentions may be.

Of course, anything at all can be insulting and hurtful. You
don't seem to care yourself about insulting others. On a
personal level, I'm far more considerate and polite than you
are. I would suggest redirecting your alleged consideration for
groups, towards individuals with whom you actually deal.