Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

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> >Asians on the other hand, score high on IQ, not
> >because of their creative ability, but because
> >they are just good test takers.
> >
> >In my opinion, Whites are more creative than Asians,
> >but Asians have stronger work ethics than whites.
> I disagree most wholeheartedly. Asians are enormously creative,
> as are all human populations. It is the case that some cultures
> allow for more creativity than others, and some have a stronger
> emphasis on academic application, but this is entirely an
> environmental issue, and has nothing whatsoever to do with
> genetically inherent disposition.
I think the point here is that you can take what ever statistics and
interpret them to suit your convictions. Since asians are being kept out
of highly regarded universities, in order to "preserve" the standard
culture, by invoking value other than the same tests that allegedly
correlate to IQ, (the same tests used to demostrate that blacks are
unworthy) it is "universally accepted" that it can't be because they are
more "intelligent"....BTW, what does that word really mean?.

I am reminded of a Carrol Lewis quote "The word exactly what I want it to
mean", or some such thing. Isn't it amazing that abstractions (writing)
of vocal sounds (evolved grunts) can evoke such stong emotions.

Of course the neo-nazis may want to take the same direction that AdolfH
did 50 years ago, and to better the race, he attempted to eliminate the
low end IQ, gypsys, Jews, Homosexuals...., and also interbreed the
Aryans. We have not actually started eliminating the inferiors
officially, but have had a good try at the inter-breeding, in the hills
somewhere. the results of that experiment has not had outstanding
intellectual results, but maybe in the music areas..

Anyway, back the main point, humans always justify their actions, and if
they win in the end, then history will say that they are right. If on the
other hand they lose, then we will all say "How primitive they were back
then....they actually thought the earth was flat, and the center of the
universe". Of course, Galileo, would not appreciate this very remote view.

But it is also amazing, that so few have bothered to read 20th century
history other than as interpreted by the church of ..... That they cannot
see the parallels of the clear easy solutions with the path to power of
facism in Italy and Germany. So let us repeat history, maybe not a
circle, but rather a spiral, and this time we can finish it up with a real

Then in the future when the ant/roaches/bees rules the world, I wonder how
they will argue about their differences....

Hail to the church and its archbishop..

No one is free from uttering stupidities, it is only serious when repeated with emphasis -