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>>>>>So, is "hardworkingness" a part of intelligence?
>>>You sound awfully sure of that. I think it is.
>>And I think you're wrong. One is a personality trait that is learned. The
>>other is an ability that is influenced by environment and genetics.
>What makes you so sure? Why are some persons just "naturally" more
>persistent/hardworking/whatever than others? Why can`t it have some
>basis in genetics?

Again, in the context that I stated my opinion that "hardworkingness" was
learned and not genetic, it was clear that I was refering to intellectual
"hardworkingness" and not a level of physical activity. I seperate the
two, because physical activity can clearly have physical roots which are
genetic. One has to learn to sit and read to learn intellectual

Intellectual "Hardworkingness" is determined by several factors. The
amount of self esteem one gets from learning, how learning was regarded,
and so forth. None of which is any more genetic than language is.
However, if one has a great difficulty in learning, I could imagine that
one would give up; having learned that there is no reward for this kind
of hardworkingness.

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