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Sat, 11 Feb 1995 18:03:55 GMT

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Lane Singer <> wrote:
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>>Dave, maybe this is going to come as a shock to you, but the argument
>>that there is a correlation between IQ and race is not incompatible with
>>the argument that it doesn't matter. Most of those who support the idea
>>that there is a correlation between IQ and race support the idea that it
>>doesn't really matter and it's kind of silly to get worked up over the
>>thing. For the most part, they recognize both that IQ isn't really
>>important, and that variations in populations render group averages
>>moot. It's just kinda silly when people argue that The Bell Curve the
>>manifestation of 1990s Nazism.
>How very relaxed of you. I recall my mother saying that some of her
>European cousins had the same relaxed opinion about some upstart named
>Hitler. We're not sure, now, which mass grave they're buried in over

Ah! Lacking any reasonable argument, associate the other side with
Hitler, even when that association doesn't exist.

So, if I associate you with someone evil, (even though I know that you
are not...) do I win the discussion?

I count a "win" in a discussion as being I've learned something. So far,
I've learned that people with PC views can be stubborn, insulting,
irrational, and without data to support their views.

Steve La Joie