Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

David Waters (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 16:54:24 GMT

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: Later on, I stated that many professors are muzzled by political
: pressure to not state the obvious; that race and IQ are correlated. I
: knew very well that many professors will tell you they are not related in
: public, and but admit that there is a correlation in private when they
: felt it was safe. They fear for their jobs.

Ask these professors to identify the SPECIFIC genetic sequence(s) in
African Americans that actually leads to lesser intelligence. In other
words, one should be able to look at DNA (only) and determine which
sequence was produced by the more intelligent person(s). Such a test
should easily be performed between any two (or more) people. Why isn't
it? Because it doesn't exist!!! Therefore, these so-called professors are
speaking from speculation (whether public or private) and not acceptable
evidence based on actual genetic study!!!
There's also the problem of explaining/predicting those of us (AfAms) who
have (much) higher than average IQs versus those (AfAms) who don't. Is
this because some of us have a gene(s) that promote higher intelligence
or do we lack the gene(s) that decreases intelligence? How about those
"whites" who have substandard IQ they "suffer" for the same
reasons? Is there a separate (but equal ;-) smart/dumb gene for each race?

Besides, if there *was* such a (reliable) test, then the intelligence of
*ANY* two children (not just AfAm) could be predicted by examining DNA
alone. Do you want your children to be placed in predetermined
education/training programs based on what their DNA (alone) says??? I
don't think you do! Now can you carry that thought a little further to
comprehend the problems caused when (certain) people ASSUME that there
is a genetic reason to discriminate?

Do you remember the teacher who did the "Brown Eye/Blue Eye" experiment?
Does *she* qualify in your list of professors???

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