Re: Oppressed Minorities (was: Social Engineering)

10 Feb 1995 21:08 CST

In article <>, (Gerold Firl) writes...
>In article <rodhagen-1901951035180001@> (Rod Hagen) writes:
>>Wherever you find a poor, oppressed, minority (and despite the changes in
>>the last thirty years this remains a broadly accurate picture of American
>>black society) living in the midst of comparative affluence, you find a
>>high incidence of crime of one form or another, directed both internally
>>and externally.
>The connection isn't obvious to me. Take the jews as a counter-example.
>They have been an oppressed minority, in a huge variety of social contexts
>throughout most of the old world, over a huge span of time. The
>characteristic response has *not* been the adoption of a criminal
>lifestyle. So the progression of oppressed minority -> criminal behavior is
>not universal.

Well I don't want to be labeled as anti-semitic, but you do know that Jews
comprised the original Mafia in the U.S. in the early 1920's?

Also, I get a chuckle everytime I hear a Republican saying that poverty doesn't
cause crime. They usually point to the Great Depression as an example. Problem
is that crime increased dramatically during the G.D. Ever hear of Pretty Boy
Floyd? There were more bank robberies than they knew what to do with!

In Solidarity,

james b.