Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

Arun Gupta (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 04:35:07 GMT

In article <>, Stephen Lajoie <> wrote:
>In my first response to this thread, long ago, I stated that there was
>serious reasons why one could not say that IQ was related to race.
>Later on, I stated that many professors are muzzled by political
>pressure to not state the obvious; that race and IQ are correlated. I
>knew very well that many professors will tell you they are not related in

>Well, the is a case in the news now. Francis Lawrence, president of
>Rutgers university, said that SAT scores were unfair because black
>students lacked the genetic and hereditary background needed to score
>high on them.
>He's taken it back, he said he mispoke, he apoligized, but the clamor
>for his firing still goes on. He is under a great deal of political
>pressure to quit or be fired.

Its interesting, his remarks were made in November of last year; and
it is only because his speech was videotaped that there is a ruckus now.
He had already said that "The Bell Curve" was poor science. Other profs.
said that TBC was on his mind and this was a slip of tongue. The speech
was about Rutgers' outreach to minority communities and the difficulties
in that. [all from an NJ newspaper]

-arun gupta