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Thu, 9 Feb 1995 17:33:24 GMT

Martin Hutchison ( wrote:
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: Let's see. You are completely ignorant about anthropology,
: and yet you make up fatuous arguments.
: ****
: Anthropology has nothing to do with the discussion.
: The argument is logical.

heh heh. Both anthropology and logic are part of the conversation
others are engaged in. You don't understand anthropology and
nothing you say bears any similarity to logic.

: And not the least, you haven't a clue as to how to edit a
: post, as you use some sort of newsreader (or not) that doesn't
: provide any standard method of discerning your words from
: those of the post you're following up on. Rather like AOL.
: ***
: Most people can figure it out.

Oh, I'm not commenting on whether people can figure out
your stupid posts - I'm just saying that you obviously
can't figure out how to either use a decent newsreader
or edit a post in an appropriate fashion.

: - Bearcat
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: What is a bearcat? Some faggoty little wuss who needs a
: (he thinks) macho handle to be taken seriously?

Bearcat happens to be my name. After all, we can't all
be named "Martin" <snort>.

: Are we done now?

Why? Are you getting tired?

- Bearcat