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>Frank Fujita ( wrote:
>: Lord Zilch ( wrote:
>: : I'm sure
>: : that I, or anyone else with decent software and an ax to grind,
>: : _could_ find correlations between "caucasianity" and vapid idiocy,
>: : child-molestation, political malfeasance and whatever other no-nos
>: : one might think of.
>: I will have to disagree with you about this. I regularly look for
>: particular correlations, and the data continually adjust my attitude.
>: Frequently I find correlations where I expected to find none, I find
>: no correlation where I was sure that one existed. In short, it is
>: not as easy to create scientific findings out of thin air as you present.
>SO! Please write a major social tract or two for serious
>consideration, especially if it might have influence on
>social policy. Your stuff certainly couldn't be worse than
>the claptrap I slam--and from your posting it sounds as if
>it might be an improvement on the likes of that stuff!

There is a statistical correlation between consumption of beer and the
stickiness of the tar on roads. In the interest of increased beer
consumption, I propose that we put stickier tar on our roads.

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