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[Stuff about proponents of TBC being objective 'cuz they say Asians are
smarter. SNIP!]

>>Again, out of context. Why are the pale gentiles trying to put the Asians
>>on top of things? Maybe because they know that it doesn't matter!
>WAT doesn't matter? IQ scores? The alleged correlations between said
>scores and "intelligence?" Or perhaps the tricornered "correlation"
>between IQ, intelligence and "RACE?"
>It sounds to me like you've just recanted your whole argument.
>You're not going soft on me know, are you?

Dave, maybe this is going to come as a shock to you, but the argument
that there is a correlation between IQ and race is not incompatible with
the argument that it doesn't matter. Most of those who support the idea
that there is a correlation between IQ and race support the idea that it
doesn't really matter and it's kind of silly to get worked up over the
thing. For the most part, they recognize both that IQ isn't really
important, and that variations in populations render group averages
moot. It's just kinda silly when people argue that The Bell Curve the
manifestation of 1990s Nazism.

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