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Thu, 9 Feb 1995 18:59:08 GMT

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Arun Gupta <> wrote:
>"Aryan", in an Indian context, is a cultural term : some of what
>you call "Hinduism" is best called "Aryan". It means one whose
>world-view is that of the Vedas. In the 19th century Swami
>Dayananda Saraswati tried to revive a religion with the Vedas as
>the primary text -- he called his sect the "Arya Samaj" (Aryan
>society". The Nazis and their intellectual predecessors made
>"Aryan" refer to a mythical super-race; and took the Swastika,
>which in India is an auspicious symbol; and made it into a symbol
>of terror and persecution. ( I mention this as one more example of
>the damage the myth of race has done to the world.)
There is a difference between the Nazi Swastika and the Vedic Swastika.
The directions in which the Swastika turn are not the same. I don't
know which is which and this is a minor point on Icons in general. The
key is that the Nazi "Aryans" are not, absolutely not, the Vedic

SPeaking geometrically, it does make a difference in which direction
the hand on the Clocks turn. They turn Clockwise, of course! ;-)