Re: origin of names: lucy?

Shahin Nassirkhani (
9 Feb 1995 09:33:51 GMT

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Reto U. Schneider <> wrote:
>for an article about the origin of names in science I am looking for
>information about lucy. is it true that she was named after the beatles
>song lucy in the sky with diamonds? where could I get details about it
>(book, personal contact...)?

dear Reto, there is an excellent articel about "Lucy" in every eddition
of "Annul Editions: PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY" [ISBN 1-56134-054-5] <--that's
the 92/93 eddition) In the article they thoroughly retell the story of
Donald C. Johanson's discovery of "Lucy," an australopithecus afarensis,
and because they happened to be listening to the Beatles "Lucy in Sky with
Diamonds" at the site, when the fossil was discovered, Mr. Johanson decided
to call it "Lucy." So either get the new "Annual Editions: Physi..." or
check out a Biological Anthro book. Any college bookstore should have both.

good luck, shahin