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Shahin Nassirkhani (
9 Feb 1995 09:14:01 GMT

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Candace Rutar <> wrote:
>creating an internet guide for cultural anthropology for our library

Dear Candace on this web page:

which is "The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Studies" you will find a lot of information about their culture.

a more semi-useful place might be at this URL:

which has info on Iran (plenty about the Iranian culture as well).

there is an "Archaeological Computing" WAIS database at:


and another web page for "ArchNet" at:

some URLs on African Studies:

other web pages on random about different countries:


Fourth World (indigenous peoples) Documentation Project:

Franc--> htpp://


sorry, it's real late and i'm pretty exhausted, AND have to freshen up
for two exams tomorrow!! for other specific countries just email me and
i'll see if they're listed in my net yellow page...good luck dear just1more

last but not least, there is a Primates gopher (NOT 'cultural') at:

which is more useful for info on 'primatology.'

i hope i've been of help to you.