Frosch (
9 Feb 95 21:44:05 GMT

"Eric Steimle (CHE)" <> writes:


>Am I correct that you are saying pride in ones own race leads
>automatically to the extermination of others. I am proud of my heritage
>but I have no ( okay, very little) desire to kill people different than me.

"pride in ones [sic] own race" ?

if i understand you rightly, sir, you are saying that you are
proud to have a nose of a certain shape (or ear wax of a particular
consistency). and that you are glad that there are other people of
roughly similar nose (or ear wax), and rejoice in your commonalities.
perhaps you are further proud that there were other people, also of
similar nose (or ear wax), who did things that you think it would
have been kind of neat to do, had you not been born too late, or had
you had the inclination and abilities yourself.

finally, you are pleased to report that you have shown only a
slight desire to date for killing people of dissimilar nose (or ear
wax) on the basis of their respective noses and ear waxes.

do i have that right?