Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

Robert Hartman (
10 Feb 1995 01:08:55 GMT

In article <> (Stephen Lajoie) writes:
>In my first response to this thread, long ago, I stated that there was
>serious reasons why one could not say that IQ was related to race.
> ... Francis Lawrence, president of
>Rutgers university, said that SAT scores were unfair because black
>students lacked the genetic and hereditary background needed to score
>high on them.

There is quite a bit of difference between making the above remark and
saying that there is a correlation between race and IQ scores. Which do
you think is closer to the truth?

The only way the Rutgers president could make a scientific claim that
black students lacked the genetic and hereditary background to score
comparably would be if he had identified the genetic and heritable
factors involved, performed a comparative study on a sufficiently-large
random sampling of students, and had his results peer-reviewed and
perhaps even replicated at another University.

Do you think he did that? If so, perhaps we can write him for a copy
of the study.

If not, then was his statement really one of fact? Was it a statement of the
truth? Or was it a statement of his personal opinion, conjecture, or prejudice?

>This is strong evidence to support my claim that the truth is indeed

What truth, exactly, are you referring to?