Re: Gypsy history <long> (was: Re: about gypsy)

Cameron Laird (claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM)
9 Feb 1995 10:10:15 -0600

In article <3h1ig1$>,
>Well, to give people some sort of basis for their arguments about Gypsy
>culture (since at least one has admitted his knowledge of Gypsies mostly
>comes from bunco squads), I present here a history of the Gypsy peoples
>that I pieced together from varying (and sometimes contradictory) sources.
Article <3h1ig1$> is also available

with Ms. Folse's permission. I believe she intends to up-
date it with references; those might appear before mid-month. has a limited capacity to service requests.
Don't be discouraged if it refuses access; try again a few
minutes later.


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