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>: >My response: HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, but if you mean to debate me you'd
>: >better dust off your thinking cap first. I SAID (implicitly in my
>: >first post on this subject, explicitly a few lines ago) that IQ _does_
>: >measure _something_, but that correlating that "something" with skin
>: >color is really one helluva stretch. And quite ILLOGICAL to boot.
>: >
>: OK, explain this to me. If, say, Asians consistantly score higher than,
>: say, whites, and Asians have average higher scores, why is it illogical
>: to say there is a CORRELATION? I can see that the numbers are
>: statistically not very significant and don't show CAUSATION, but when A
>: accompanies B, I always thought that was called a correlation.
>Okay, look. I've noticed a (negative?) CORRELATION between my libido and
>the regularity of my bowel movements. As another word for "correlation" is
>"COINCIDENCE," until somebody can _prove_ Ex-lax to be an effective
>aphrodisiac I'll continue this subject as "an act of God." And nothing else.
Thank you for making the clarification on the other point. Here,
however, I am not sure whether you are admitting that there IS a
correlation between IQ and race and saying that it's not important, or
just sidestepping the issue.

Oh, and about that libido thing. I think there are studies which suggest
that it moves beyond correlation to causation. A well-balanced diet with
lots of fruits and vegtables and grains should help.

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