Re: Vampires in Egypt

Lee Perkins (
4 Feb 1995 04:43:41 GMT

Thomas Pardoe ( wrote:
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: > I am looking for any references to vampires in ancient egypt.
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One of the good things about living in Washington, D.C.
is all the arcane experts that are a local phone call away.
I called the Society of Coptic Archaelogy, N.A. and put the
Vampire in Egypt (Y/N) question. The director couldn't think
of anything offhand but suggested the searcher try Meyer & Smith's
Ancient CHristian Magic: Coptic Texts of Ritual Power, S.F. 1994.
It is all in English translation, so you don't have to read Coptic.
I seems to me this is a college library and not a public library-type

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