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Fri, 3 Feb 1995 05:00:04 GMT

The conversation listed below is why the archeologists dislike this
thread being posted to their newsgroup. Unlike, they are
interested in doing science. They, and if as a geoarchaeologist, I can
be counted as an archy, we could care less about people trading insults
and babble about down Saturn and Up Uranus. If this thread actually had
something to say about archaeology it would be welcome.

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>Carl J Lydick (carl@SOL1.GPS.CALTECH.EDU) wrote:
>: Right. Liar. If you actually believed what you said, you'd not have posted
>: anything. Your post was, in itself, an affirmation of the very thing you seek
>: to deny. How stupid can you get?
>Thank you for maintaing such a high level of civility and diginty in this
>forum. :<
>Charles Glidden

If this has something intelligent to say about Mesoamerican archaeology,
then it would be welcome. Otherwise, go waste someone else's bandwidth.

It is curious that with all of their couple of thousands of years of
recorded history, which now can be read, that the Maya seemed to be totally
unaware of all of the *catastrophes* occurring in the world.

Yours Truly; Darby South. southdar*

If you want to talk about mesoamerican catastrophes, say something about
the good Christians in death squads that are still murdering native Mayas.