Re: Vampires in Egypt

Scott D Frank (
5 Feb 1995 06:23:58 GMT

John Wilkins ( wrote:
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: wrote:
: : >I am looking for any references to vampires in ancient egypt. Myth has
: it that
: : >that is where it originated, and was wondering if anyone knows of any
: ancient
: : >references to any vampire - like activity.
: : >All responses will be much appreciated.
: : >Kristi Weyland
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Well, I don't know about any Egpytian origin, but in the Museum of Man
(the anthro branch of the British Museum) there is a pre-columbian statue,
carved of some volcanic stone and about four feet high, that is of a human
with fangs...

Mebbe some mesoamerican Vampire legends exist? Mebbe you should ask on ;)