Sharon Steiner (
4 Feb 1995 04:09:11 GMT (Frosch) wrote:

> the form of my latest post has a lot to do with the impression
> you are giving of deliberate deception.

The impression you give me is of an asshole who takes pleasure in
trying to make other people look like morons.

> and again you are backpedalling. if you intended to say "in
> murray's book, "black" refers to african-americans", it would have
> been irrelevant what "black" means outside that context, and your
> claims of ignorance as to what "black" means elsewhere would have
> been completely beside the point.


> the reason for responding to what _you_ brought up, is that
> it is patent nonsense. i know nothing about your roommate at MIT
> beyond the fact that his religion is hindu and his skin is dark.
> this is the only information you have offered. but you are still
> using that information as if that amounted to a designation of
> "race".

No, it amounts to substantial reason for you to understand why
I believe that he is not black. You can suppose that, probably,
he comes from India, or his parents or grandparents do.

> and precisely _that_ is the material of prejudice, of
> pre-formed judgments about other people.

I see, you've found a "racist" on the net, and now you're
trying to show everybody what a racist he is. What you're
doing is despicable.