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4 Feb 95 04:25:00 GMT

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> (Frosch) wrote:

>> the form of my latest post has a lot to do with the impression
>> you are giving of deliberate deception.

>The impression you give me is of an asshole who takes pleasure in
>trying to make other people look like morons.

if you could give plausible reasons for your about-faces, i
would happily take back the above sentence. i have explained why
i do not find your reasons plausible.

>> and again you are backpedalling. if you intended to say "in
>> murray's book, "black" refers to african-americans", it would have
>> been irrelevant what "black" means outside that context, and your
>> claims of ignorance as to what "black" means elsewhere would have
>> been completely beside the point.


you have given two different, and opposing, explanations of
why you wrote the inane sentence "black means african-american".
in your last post, you then claimed that you "didn't know exactly
what black means". you needn't think you are the only person who
is responding: huh?

>> the reason for responding to what _you_ brought up, is that
>> it is patent nonsense. i know nothing about your roommate at MIT
>> beyond the fact that his religion is hindu and his skin is dark.
>> this is the only information you have offered. but you are still
>> using that information as if that amounted to a designation of
>> "race".

>No, it amounts to substantial reason for you to understand why
>I believe that he is not black. You can suppose that, probably,
>he comes from India, or his parents or grandparents do.

and how does it make even the slightest amount of sense to
claim "he is not black" when you "don't know exactly what black

>> and precisely _that_ is the material of prejudice, of
>> pre-formed judgments about other people.

>I see, you've found a "racist" on the net, and now you're
>trying to show everybody what a racist he is. What you're
>doing is despicable.

i am explaining why the ideas you are propagating here are
the material of pre-judgment (= prejudice, look up the etymology).
i very rarely call a person "a racist". i haven't called you that.