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>Okay, look. My dad was of mixed "racial" heritage, 1/2 "Native
>American" (a Cherokee/Shawnee mix, for the intensely curious),
>1/16 "African-American" (by family tradition from a fugitive)
>and the rest the "typical" Scots-Irish of the West Virginia hills.
>My mother is of Northern European extraction, mainly English on
>her mother's side and German on her fathers. (Making her truly
>Anglo-Saxon, I presume!)
>I consistently test out as of "above-average" IQ: the lowest score
>was 137. MUST one do a protracted investigation into the supposed
>eugenic "reasons" for this? It'd be far simpler to note that
>I was a small frail boy who sat inside reading while my sturdier
>contemporaries (in that neighborhood White and Jewish!) were busy
>playing football (and looking to beat me up).

Humm. I wonder why...

But, however interesting you personal background is, it is not really
relevant to the discussion.

>I just don't get it. What in the hell are you Bell Curvers basing
>your fatuities on? I remember an applicable quote (tho not it's
>source): "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and
>STATISTICS." (Emphasis mine.) So go jump in a lake, willya? CHEEZ.

I heard it attributed to Mark Twain.

>Oh, and I have a question: why are y'all (presumably a pale-Gentile
>bunch) so goddamn happy about a "theory" stating that ASIANS AND
>JEWS are your intellectual superiors? I can't really imagine a post-
>Superbowl crowd gleefully chanting "We're Number THREE! We're Number

It would seem that this "pale-Gentile bunch" are a bit more objective
than others, seeking only a level playingfield, while others have a
vested interest in special programs.

>If you're out to prove you're (relatively?) "not too bright" please
>consider you've done so quite conclusively. Now shut the hell up!
>DAVID, White-Nigger-At-Large

Again, you overlook that difference between an individual and a population.

Steve La Joie