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: >Now, will the NEXT nazi goliath come front-&-center? My SO is busy
: >tonight.

: I do not deny my right-wing inclinations, but Nazism is no
: where among them. If you cannot accept this then I would advise you to
: take two steps back and re-examine your position. Sir, no matter your
: loose use of the term, I am no NAZI!

A _semantic_ debate?!? Okay, look, it's been about 50 years since
the definition "nazi" has been restricted to "a member of the German
NSDAP." The word, in common parlance, means "a rightist racialist-
white supremacist" (or something very close). Which, emotional
connotations notwithstanding, does indeed fit your positions as you've
expressed them, does it not?

I might add, in the interests of history and clarity, that _some_
members of the German NSDAP circa 1941-45 were morally aghast at
the "Final Solution." Said "liberalism" on their part did _not_
change their belief that the "aryan race" was superior in every way,
for example in intelligence, to the folks whose actual "exterminations"
they had qualms about--which prejudice of course made said policy more
doable de facto. My response to nazi moderates is simple: then quit
being such a goddamn racist if you don't like it's logical conclusions!

Next nazi?


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