Frosch (
31 Jan 95 15:44:56 GMT (Martin Hutchison) writes:

> [...]
> The lack of a clear consensus on definitions of species and the subspecies
> became clear in legal disputes over the Endangered Species Act, particularly
> in the protection of the Red Wolf (Canis Rufus) and the Dusky Seaside
> Sparrow. If biologists cannot agree on whether the Red Wolf is a species,
> subspecies or hybrid swarm, can we ever achieve a scientific definition of
> something as vague as race?
>Biologists agree, Zoologists agree, but granola crunchers are happy to say
>"Hey, this one has a white paw(red tail, little spot patterns, whatever), let's
>call it an endangered species and protect it".

>There is clear consensus on how we classify species. You can ALWAYS find nuts &
>flakes to dissagree with anything.

who is 'we', who classifies species? from my knowledge of the
field, there is not clear consensus, but a recognition of difficulty.