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Wed, 01 Feb 1995 11:38:21 -0600

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(William Tyler) wrote:

> Huh? I can ALWAYS find a place to make an ARBITRARY division.
> >Race is a folk concept, nothing more.
> If you really believe this, then what do you call the thing or things
> that allow you to figure out, of the two people you have just met,
> who is most likely from Nigeria and who from Sweden? (You did say
> you could do this.)
> --

OK, someone should adopt this position in this debate, so I will.

I assert, since by the standards given my assertion is good enough, that
something on the order of 75% of this country is "black".

Now, I'm a layperson, so I have no real expertise here, but according to
the standard you have set up, that's fine. Further, it seems reasonable to
me. First, my rough understanding of genetic markers of race lead include
the notion that at least some of the markers are present in most of the US
population. Second, my understanding of race as a legal concept, 1/8th
parentage etc., makes it reasonable to assume that, by continued
extrapolation, large numbers of those who "pass" as "white" are in fact

Seems to me that, that if you grant me the right to make the judgment,
this invalidates much of what M&H say. It seems to me that if you don't,
then Mr Johns has a point.


Josef Fortier