Ted Holden (
31 Jan 1995 01:39:26 GMT

> I haven't read every single one of the posts in this thread, but
> I have seen enough postings along the lines of "It is easy to
> classify people by race" to make me wonder how many people have
> really looked into this question from the scientific side.

No, that isn't what I've heard being said. Suppose, for example,
that breast cancer is in part due to a "breast cancer gene" which
puts women at risk for cancer. Suppose, furthermore, that this
gene is found to be much less common among Chinese than Germans.

So the question is, is that second finding possible? Certainly,
even if we use citizenship as criteria. Is classification by
citizenship "scientific"? I don't know what the question means.
Can the statement, "the gene is more common among Germans" be true?
Certainly. Can that statement be "scientifically valid"? I don't
know what that means. I think that one reason people argue
about the "scientific validity" of statements is that they're
not willing to argue about their truth.