Carolyn Jean Fairman (cfairman@leland.Stanford.EDU)
30 Jan 1995 13:13:33 -0800

<> wrote:
> (Eric Bohlman) wrote:
>> Yet the average genotypic distance between a Nigerian and an aborigine is
>> one of the largest such distances that you can find. The two groups are
>> about as distantly related in ancestry as is possible.
>You might say the same about dolphins and sharks. If someone is
>looking at them from a quarter of a mile away, he might confuse
>them. It would be too much to conclude from this that they are
>easily confused.

But you have introduced two species here. A dolphin and a shark
cannot interbreed. Even if you might get one generation, it would be
sterile. We are talking about *races* here. Nigerian/aborigine mixed
children are easy to produce and are fertile. Your analogy fails.

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